Wifid | R&D Tech center in Monaco
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R&D tech center in Monte Carlo

We are an IT R&D Center in Monaco’s Principality, focused on IoT and cognitive technologies (computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning) and all derived products-services like virtual/augmented reality, automated recognition and digital audience metrics, proximity engagement, automated systems, decision support and more.


We help gaining strategic advantage using technology and innovation.



WIFID’s strategic objective is to carry out research and development activities, aimed at improving current information technology practice by applying innovative methodologies, supported by appropriate language and programming tools.



WIFID is aggressively experimenting with cognitive technologies and deploying multiple solutions based on them with great effect, and are working with numerous clients to apply these technologies to diverse business challenges.



We stronghly believe that Hype-driven, ill-informed investments in tech and innovation will lead to loss and sorrow, while appropriate coaching can lead to investment that can dramatically improve performance and create competitive advantage.



Cognitive technologies and breakthrough measurement science innovation are providing digital marketers with currency-quality campaign measurement that enables them to optimize audience delivery in real-time and drive higher ROI

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Our aim is to empower interactions and enhance stakehodlers engagement.